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Cloud Management

ITnGen assists with overall responsibility for day-to-day operations of managing Cloud Services including software deployment and upgrades, system setup, system administration, monitoring, incident resolution, problem management, configuration and change management, service desk, security management and monitoring, capacity planning, availability management, disaster recovery and routine update of services. Our architects and engineers will create and maintain strategies related to Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Services throughout the enterprise.

Which is right for your company?

ITnGen conducts timely evaluation, qualification, and implementation of new software products, tools, and related appliances as it pertains to the Cloud environment, Our team measures and throttles performance, drives adoption while articulating the risks/opportunities from leveraging Cloud Infrastructure. Our SMEs will help your IT Department get the best from both worlds.

Public Clouds offer flexibility, scalability and a global presence as needed. Grow on demand! Automate Archival – send data off site with builtin retention and purging. Lower TCO drastically by moving non-frequently accessed data from active production systems increasing performance and eliminating the need to continually add servers, racks, switches and storage.

Private Clouds offer full control keeping your data in house. Private Clouds are best for business critical applications, on-premise manufacturing, and other sensitive data and workloads that can not tolerate disruption or isolation.

Hybrid Clouds offer the best of both worlds. Full control and security while benefiting from technologies delivered by the Public Cloud. ITnGen will design, implement and operate curated solutions to meet your company’s specific needs.